Altman helps tell the story of Thorbergssetur

Located in the Hali region of Suðursveit in South-East Iceland, Thorbergssetur is a culture centre and heritage museum dedicated to the region’s history and the life and works of writer Thorbergur Thordarson.

With a theatrical-style exhibition which includes glimpses into the life of the Icelandic author, the museum recently decided it was time to update their lighting design. Wanting to install a completely new LED system, Luxor lighting designer Alfreð Sturla Böðvarsson created an elegant, story-telling design using Gallery LED and PHX 150W LED profile luminaires from Altman Lighting.

“A director who I´ve worked with a few times was working in the museum this summer, and he asked me to give them advice on how to replace the outdated 12-year old system with a modern LED lighting scheme,” opens Böðvarsson. “They wanted to emphasize the many scenes and rooms of the museum exhibition with naturalistic, accent lighting and the Altman Gallery LED and PHX LED fixtures worked great.

“From the start I decided that it would be best to use spot fixtures with shutters, as I needed to light the exhibition sets in a theatrical style,” continues Böðvarsson. “I also had the added constraint of keeping all the lighting angles very steep where the museum visitors would be walking, in order to minimise glare and guest interference in the lights. We needed to emphasise both the depth and quality of the sets, so I decided to keep all the fixtures in the ceiling, as I believe exhibition lighting should be as invisible as possible.

“I chose the PHX 150W 5600K profile fixtures as they were powerful enough for the larger strokes of outside light hitting the sets. Additionally, the Gallery Series seemed like the perfect choice for the smaller accent lighting tasks, and I was pleasantly surprised with their power and quality of the light.”


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