Rivage PM7 in the mix on Euro festival circuit

As much of western Europe has basked in high summer temperatures, thousands of happy revellers have been enjoying the annual crop of outdoor festivals. Sound engineers using Yamaha’s Rivage PM7 digital mixing system at these events have been very happy too. Leading German FOH engineer Olli Voges explains how the new system ensured that the only high pressure he’s experienced has been in the weather.

Olli has worked with Yamaha digital consoles since the early 2000s. As well as his work at live concerts, he is an experienced engineer on the biggest live television shows. This summer he is out on the European festival circuit, mixing a number of well-known German rap and electronica acts, including Casper, Sido, Kool Savas and 187 Strassenbande.

Caspar is on a full festival tour, mainly playing as headliner / co-headliner, which started with the twin Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Parkfestivals in early June. “Major festivals are always a challenge and, when you are performing at such showtimes, there are some really good bands out there. You have to be sure that your artist sounds exceptionally good!” says Olli.

“Yamaha consoles have always been known as the most reliable choice and I really liked the layout of Rivage PM10 from the beginning,” he says. “The latest version of the Rivage firmware has added all the minor tweaks and updates that we were asking for. In terms of reliability, the classic ‘analogue’ sound and its sheer versatility, Rivage PM7 is fantastic. Mix engineers of other artists we are playing with have been openly admiring it.”

Info: www.yamahaproaudio.com

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