GLP X4 Bar 20 and JDC1 Star on Russian TV

After 19 TV shows, dozens of songs, some unique performances and innovative lighting designs, created and executed by Leonid Poznyanskiy, Songs on TNT TV project had its final broadcast on June 2.

He deployed 24 GLP impression X4 Bar 20 and 24 JDC1 strobes in the production, which ran from the first episode until the last. And the final performance by the singer Nazima was made almost exclusively with the X4 Bar 20.

GLP X4 Bar 20 JDC1 Songs on TNT

The designer admits that he has been a fan of the GLP products ever since the Eurovision Song Contest that took place in Moscow in 2009, when some of the first LED moving heads were placed in the sidefills. This signified to him that the new era in professional lighting had arrived.

Around two years ago Leonid came across the X4 Bar 20 for the first time and by summer 2017 he had the opportunity to use them in a project. At that time he was also working on multi-episode TV shows such as You are Super, Dancing and Dancing on TNT which were followed by a number of concerts in the State Kremlin Palace and Crocus City Hall. So when preparation for Songs on TNT commenced, the X4 Bar 20 was again foremost in his mind.

GLP X4 Bar 20 JDC1 Songs on TNT

“The fixture is unequalled because it is unique and it differs from the moving heads we are all used to. The X4 Bar 20 can give you a wide planar field of light that cuts the air or they can be used as simple lines of coloured ‘bulbs’ following the truss architecture,” Leonid says.

Following the designer’s plan, 24 X4 Bar 20 were placed in two dynamic rows on moving trusses and secured over the upper and lower truss tubes and their bright effects were seen frequently.

“These fixtures have a lot of advantages,” Leonid continues. “They are bright, and they have the same half-tone colours of the diodes. I can arrange them in a single line without intervals, use the zoom and tilt movement. Additionally, since it’s a TV project, it’s very important that the X4 Bar lighting does not flicker on camera.”

GLP X4 Bar 20 JDC1 Songs on TNT

The X4 Bars used by Leonid Poznyanskiy in this project proved that a successful show can be created using just the Bars alone. In the final performance by the singer Nazima, the linear LED solutions created a spectacular backdrop that combined a beautiful rich red colour and original geometry of wide light planes moving in space as the song’s theme developed.

In addition to X4 Bars, the unique JDC1 hybrid strobes from GLP were also used in Songs on TNT. All fixtures for the project were provided by the rental company Laser-Kinetics.

“I can say one thing about JDC1: it’s the best LED strobe around today,” Leonid concludes. “I use them everywhere. All the available fixtures available in Russia are travelling with me every day — and if I could get hold of more, I would order them.”


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