Nexo STM array reinforces Bank Stadium special

Nexo’s flagship modular line array system, the STM Series, with supplementary Geo S12, was used for a very large house-of-worship event in the impressive US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Fifty thousand people attended the free Pulse – Twin Cities show, with Reach Communications providing the 360° Nexo PA system.

Multiple headliners played the concert, including LeCrae, Hillsong and Jaberwockies. The recently-built stadium is already known for its challenging acoustics, but, as one of the largest venues in the region, it has played host to many world-class touring artists and their engineers. All eyes were on Nexo, to see how STM Series would perform!

System deployment was in a 360° arrangement, with STM as main, out, side and delays, S12 as rear, and M10 for front-fills. Subs were a combination of flown and stacked STM S118, as well as cardio stacked Nexo RS18.

Dan Brown of Reach Communications, with on-site support from Nexo’s engineering support specialist Val Gilbert and Yamaha Commercial Audio’s Preston Gray, had to specify the STM system according to the load-bearing factors in the stadium.

For main PA, the configuration uses 15x STM M46/B112 main and bass sets per side, with side-arrays of another 15x STM M46/B112. Each of the hangs carried two STM M28 down-fills. Eight STM S118 subs were flown per side, and on the ground were 12x RS18s (running in cardioid mode) and eight STM S118s (omni) per side. Two hangs of 12 x Geo S12 cabinets were used for the rear of the stage.

The system was run entirely powered by 62 x NX4x4 amplifiers over Dante, with an analogue backup. System control, EQ, and delays was matrixed from one Lake LM26 and three LM44.

“The system by far outperformed our expectations,” commented Nexo’s Val Gilbert, “although the system was approaching its limits, no-one felt it was running out of headroom, and the engineers were globally satisfied. SPL reached 120dBA peak at FOH. Considering the extremely challenging acoustics of the venue, the overall sound was very good.”


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