Omnitronic Presents Modular Mobile PA System

For those that need a small, mobile sound system that’s modular in design – Omnitronic present the MOM-10BT4. The basic system can be extended with individual components and thus adapted to every intended application.

Omnitronic MOM-10BT4 Modular PA System

Whether it be for street musician or conference, the 2-way Omnitronic MOM with 10″ woofer has features suited for a range of applications. In its basic configuration, the MOM-10BT4 has a Bluetooth interface, 2 microphone inputs (with tone control and reverb function) and a line input (XLR or jack). A mixer unit controls the individual components.

Omnitronic MOM-10BT4 Modular PA System

A CD/MP3 player module, a radio microphone module, a battery module for mobile operation and an audio link module for simultaneous operation of several speakers are available as additional extensions. All components can be ordered separately. Depending on your needs, the box can be used as either a basic version, or fully equipped.

Omnitronic MOM-10BT4 Modular PA System

The mobile system also offers useful features that make working life more pleasant – a talkover function (Voice Priority), a USB interface for charging mobile devices, a built-in trolley handle for easy transport and a speaker stand flange. A protective cover with storage space for cables and UHF transmitters is optionally available.


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