Area Four Industries – Unveiling the Truth behind Truss

Area Four Industries’ Technical Director, Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Tripp completely exposed the secrets of truss and its inner workings at the LLB Expo (Ljud Ljus Bild) in Stockholm, Sweden. At the event, which is held once every two years, his presentation titled “The Truth Behind Truss” laid bare the technical details of statically undetermined systems, cantilevers on truss, the diamond-shaped orientation of truss, slinging trusses, and continuity of truss bracing.

Area Four Industries Norbert Tripp

Although statics are sometimes viewed as witchcraft, and often times hard to grasp, Norbert made it easier for attendees to understand and assimilate with a clear explanation of key facts and practices.

If truss could blush, it surely would have by the conclusion of Norbert’s presentation. Instead, attendees left with a deeper understanding of what makes truss tick and how to properly work with it for the construction of temporary and permanent structures.

Now, cover it up and get it off the stage…


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