Firmware upgrade for Outline’s Newton

Following its launch at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt in April, Outline has announced the availability of a major firmware upgrade for the Newton DSP hub.

It is accompanied by a complementary release (v1.6) for their Dashboard computer / remote control programme.

The new v0.76 upgrade is comprehensive and its main features include the inclusion of two layers of IIR filters on every input channel, plus a further two layers of filtering on every output (in addition to the existing four), one IIR and the other a dedicated all-pass, both with phase trace visible via Dashboard.

Output channels may now be grouped to facilitate control over multiple outputs simultaneously (including group ‘flat’ where all parameter values within the group are reset to zero) while it is now also possible to create temporary links within input and output channels.

A new copy and paste function allows complete sets of parameters to be copied directly from one Newton unit to another, while a further feature allows all processing parameters from a single unit to be set back to flat if required.


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