Nexo and Yamaha deployed for Verdi spectacular

Production company PogoArt, owner of the largest Nexo PA system in Poland and a recent investor in Yamaha’s new Rivage PM7 digital mixing system, has helped Wroclaw Opera to stage an epic production of Guiseppe Verdi’s Nabucco. The sell-out performances of one of the most recognisable operas in history was presented outdoors, with the Wroclaw Opera building itself featuring in a special stage design capable of accommodating up to 350 artists.

Wroclaw Opera is accustomed to outdoor performance, but the production of Nabucco in Wroclaw’s central Plac Wolnosci was a most challenging one, featuring a 700sq.m stage with three levels for orchestra, ballet dancers, soloists and the Wroclaw Opera Choir. Marcin Nałecz-Niesiołowski, director of the Wroclaw Opera, who was conducting the performances, admitted that large productions are always a compromise because of the changing acoustics.

Against the backdrop of the opera house, the massive stage demanded a high-performance PA system, so director Krystian Lada called upon Sławek Pogorzała of PogoArt to provide a modular line array, the Nexo STM Series, coupled with Yamaha Rivage PM, CL and QL Series digital consoles.

“The most important issue was to achieve even coverage of the audience area, providing the highest-quality sound. STM M28 line array modules disperse over a very wide angle so this made it easy. Front-fill completed the coverage of the middle of the audience in the first rows,” says Pogorzała, owner of PogoArt.

For the main PA, left and right arrays of 12x Nexo STM M28 cabinets were used, with a total of eight Nexo CD18 18” subbass units. The system, powered by Nexo’s proprietary NXAMP4x4 amplifiers, was set up via a Dante network, with PogoArt’s new Yamaha Rivage PM7 console at front-of-house, and Yamaha CL5 with R-series stageboxes to handle the choir. A pair of Yamaha QL5 consoles handled the monitor mixes.

With more than 2000 people attending each sold-out performance, expectations were high for an opera company with an international reputation. “It was vital that the system delivered the best and clearest sound to every spectator; Nabucco is a well-known opera, so many people are very familiar with the libretto and melodies,” said Marcin Popek of Lauda Audio, Nexo’s distributor in Poland. “There was no doubt that this year’s production sound achieved a new standard of excellence.”


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