Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2018 Reports Record-breaking Numbers

Shining a spotlight on the recent growth of system integration in the areas of audio, lighting, communication, conferencing and KTV, Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2018 (PLSG18) concluded with great success and new record-breaking figures of both exhibitors and visitors.

unPLSG2018 Prolight & Sound 2018 Record Numbers

PLSG18 in brief:

• 1,300 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions (+4%)

• 75,993 visitors (+2.7%)

• 130,000 sqm of exhibition space across 13 halls and the Y-Channel area

Strategic zoning echoes industry’s transforming needs

“System integration for the audio and visual markets is an unstoppable trend, and in China the work in this field has only just begun. The country has a big and ever-changing market, and they are looking for products with more advanced technologies and more features. Prolight + Sound Guangzhou is crucial in bringing companies from different countries together in one place, to help everyone learn what quality means to different people. During the show, we’ve connected with potential clients who are interested in our stage management solutions, including visitors from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, the UK and more.” – Mr Cameron O’Neill, Director – APAC, RiedelJapanKK, and Mr Hans Liu, Product Manager, Salzbrenner Stagetec Media Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd

Refined product offerings help buyers’ effective sourcing experience

“Prolight + Sound Guangzhou allows me to look for new solutions in professional audio and lighting, as well as to discover the latest industry developments and technologies. I’m particularly amazed by the lighting hall, because there are a high number of Chinese brands who producing some really advanced equipment, for example in the areas of laser projection and LED displays. During the week, I have enjoyed the dedicated zoning, as well as the areas for audio branding for international brands. It helps buyers navigate much easier. I’m also astonished by the scale, visitor flow and product variety.” – Mr Nai Kong Lee, Music Director, Door Music Studio, China

PLSG Annual Training Course speakers recognised the programme’s value

“In terms of event safety, places like the UK generally have more experience and opportunities to deal with large-scale events in the safest manner possible. In the past, they have been forced to deal with more potentially dangerous situations. However, gravity works the same all over the world, and mistakes come at the same cost everywhere. This means that educational programmes such as the PLSG Training Course are vital for the Chinese market to learn how to avoid disasters during public events. It’s great that we have the chance to teach the audience here in Guangzhou how to provide the safest possible situations for the entire entertainment industry.” – Mr Tim Roberts, Director, The Event Safety Shop Ltd, Speaker of PLSG Annual Training Course

Growing presence of international visitors

The growing visitor figure for this year also came with good international presence, including two international groups – the Entertainment Equipment and Digital Communications Technology Association from Taiwan, and the Broadcasting Equipment Industry Association from Korea.


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