DTS Provides Unique Lighting for a Unique Venue

EVE is a restaurant and event location set in an old locomotive train repair hall, called ‘Polygonal Hall’, in Tilburg, Holland.

DTS Lighting EVE Holland

The grand hall is built around a circular platform which was formerly used to rotate and position trains onto the correct track to enter and leave the hall. You still can see all the old details in this well preserved monumental building.

DTS Lighting EVE Holland

The unique structure is highlighted by 66 Focus Pinspot compact lights with ultra-narrow beams, while the ceiling is lit by 24 FREELINE 90FC LED bars. SCENA LED 80 and PROFILO LED 80 are used to light several details and areas in the building. This brings the total amount of DTS fixtures to 115, centrally driven by 2 DRIVENET 1664 power supplies/controllers .

DTS Lighting EVE Holland

Lighting installation was carried out by First Impression & Turific, with design by Ruben Fernandes & Mischa Woudenberg. All lighting equipment was provided by Full AVL.

Info: www.dts-lighting.it

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