PLSG Annual Training Course offers global perspectives on live event production and industry developments

With the themes of ‘A Blueprint to Success in Music Festival Production’ and ‘Dante Certification Level 3 Training @ Guangzhou’, the course is set to map out the best practices on live event production, from planning and organising music festivals, project management, social media promotion, risk and safety assessment to technology applications such as audio recording and production, AoIP deployment, visual design, lighting solutions and stage setup.

PLSG2018 Training Programme

Mapping industry needs with talents in large scale live event production

The number of music festivals is skyrocketing in China (269 in 2017, up 33.8%[1]). As such, it is important to look into the planning and production in the right manner in order to stay relevant on the market. The desire for the Chinese entertainment industry to further uplift its event planning skills and technical standards continues to grow.

Mr Jimmy Chan, Head of Business Development of Event Safety Alliance in Asia, sees the importance of live event production as it is one of the future development trends in China: “Prolight + Sound Guangzhou is at the forefront in providing hardware devices and technological solutions for music festivals in China. Also, it provides an extensive platform to connect manufacturers and suppliers with producers and organisers of music festivals.”

There are various crucial aspects that require attention during organisational process, such as event programming, risk and capacity management, marketing and strategic planning, communication and promotion.

Equally fundamental to a well-established music festival includes a wide array of lighting and audio, rigging and staging support. During the event, experts will share tips on getting the technical issues right for achieving a perfect balance in every detail.

China’s premiere in establishing Dante Certificate Level 3 Training for advanced sound practitioners

More and more industry peers are seeking further education in managing audio networking systems. In order to cater for these market needs, China’s first-ever Dante Certification Level 3 Training will be hosted during the show. The advanced course is geared towards attendees who have prior knowledge in audio networks, and will focus on the ease of use with Dante’s ‘Plug n Play’ technology. Alongside this, the course will look at an overview of the wide varieties of tools available from the IP toolkit, and how to make live sound distribution and control easier.

10 – 11 May – Part 1: A Blueprint to Success in Music Festival Production

Theme: Planning and Organisation

Topic: Analysing EDM Festivals and Design of Audio System

Speaker: Mr Stanley Lee, Marketing Director of Real Music Acoustics & Lighting Technology Co Ltd

Topic: How Can We Better Promote EDM Festivals to Our Customers?

Speaker: Mr Koma, Director of EDM Lab (Wechat public account)

Topic: Can Safety Be Creative?

Speakers: Mr Tim Roberts, Director, The Event Safety Shop

Mr Jimmy Chan, Director of Business Development Asia,

Event Safety Alliance

Theme: Technical Applications

Topic: The Enchantment of Big Audio

Speaker: Mr Tony Andrews, Founder of Funktion One

Topic: Better Live! HQ Audio Recording for Concerts and Festivals

Speaker: Mr Andrew Levine, Director of Music and Word Production, The German Tonmeister Association (VDT)

Topic: Deploying AoIP in Live Events

Speaker: Mr Kieran Walsh, Director of Application Engineering (EMEA), Audinate

Topic: Lighting Design for Large Scale Events

Speaker: Mr Michael Chan, Lighting Designer, Lighting Insomnia

Topic: Applications of Mega Outdoor Mobile Stage in Concerts

Speaker: Mr Lee Kam Bor, Managing Director, Trinity Technology Ltd

12 May

Part 2: Dante Certification Level 3 Training @ Guangzhou

Topic: Dante Certification Level 3 – Advanced Dante Networking

Speaker: Mr Kieran Walsh, Director of Application Engineering (EMEA), Audinate

A number of other events are scheduled to take place during the course of Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2018, including the International and Oriental Outdoor Line Array, The First Live Sound Mixing Contest Finals, The Eighth Audio Technology Forum 2018, the seminar themed “Application of Audio Technology in Artificial Intelligence”, and Stage Design and Stage Engineering Alliance Annual Forum 2018.

Prolight + Sound Guangzhou is expected to host 1,300 exhibitors and more than 75,000 visitors in 13 thematic halls and the Y-Channel from 10 – 13 May 2018 in Area A at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, spanning over 130,000 sqm as a leading platform for the audio visual, professional light and sound industries in China.

[1] Music Business China. Retrieved on 17 April 2018.


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