GUIL celebrates anniversary with new product launches

GUIL revealed its TMD-545/N rigging tower for flying sound systems at Prolight+Sound. “It’s one of the most compact towers on the market,” – says CEO Eduardo Hinarejos. “It can lift up to 500kg of line array to almost 6.5m and it is transported in a single package of only 1.48m3.” Visitors to the show were impressed by the design of the tower and also by the components that are included in the price: the complete truss structure with a double handled winch, a chain hoist for 2000kg and a chain bag.

Another new product which attracted a lot of interest was the ULK 600XL front loading tower, which allows the user to lift line array, truss structures and LED screens from ground level. With a double handled auto brake winch, this compact lifter of only 1.63m stowed can raise 350kg to 6m high.

“Nowadays professionals are looking for solutions that can offer a good balance between load capacity, height and design,” adds Hinarejos. “Precisely for this reason GUIL tries to offer compact solutions but with a high load capacity and with technical specifications that are different from those offered by the rest on the market.”

As a manufacturer of solutions for events and the world of entertainment, GUIL also launched new DJ and sound engineer tables in Frankfurt, all of them with three cable holes, and with lots of accessories (for monitor speakers, a computer/laptop, headphones, a parasol, a mic stand, a music stand, etc). All are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

In the range of decks for stages, the Spanish company has also presented a new model of lightweight deck (for 600 kg/m2), which has been given the reference TM300.

This model, just like the other five manufactured by GUIL, can also be used outdoors, with a 100% birch plywood WISA panel with anti-slip finish and sealed edges to prevent the penetration of moisture. With an easy and quick assembly, GUIL platforms allow you to configure to fit any space to make stages, grandstands, tiered platforms, catwalks for all kinds of events, always offering maximum safety and stability.

The company also introduced new truss and speaker adaptors and expanded its family of clamps and hooks with their always unique goal: to facilitate and guarantee maximum safety in set-ups using their products.

This year’s Prolight+Sound was a special one for GUIL, as the Spanish company is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Eduardo Hinarejos concludes, “Our team has done a great job preparing the new products for this show, and so we are very happy with the influx of visitors to our stand. We would like to encourage clients to come to visit our facilities in Valencia, they can see our factory and we can show them how we create each of our products in more detail.”


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