CODA Audio Powers R3hab and Armin van Buuren at F-Party in China

Club-goers in China were fortunate enough to get up-close and personal with some of the genre’s top stars earlier in the month, when in successive weeks R3hab and Armin van Buuren appeared at F-Party in Kunming. Both artists have been consistently rated amongst the top DJs in the world for a number of years and for F-Party, a world class electronic music club, represented the highest profile international stars to have appeared on its stage, supported by a CODA Audio system.

Coda Audio R3hab and Armin van Buuren at F-Party in Kunming, China

Of the utmost importance to the success of such high profile events is the provision of a world class sound system to match the expectations of performer and fans alike. F-Party has a CODA Audio system at its heart, carefully designed and installed by CODA’s Chinese distributors Tempo. In advance of the shows, Tempo CEO Mr Zhou Wenbao and his team visited the club to check every detail of the system and ensure it was finely-tuned to perform to the maximum. Both nights reached a fever pitch of excitement and everyone present concluded that F-Party had enjoyed an overwhelming success in staging such high profile artists.

The system at F-Party combines elements from across the CODA Audio range to deliver a bespoke solution, giving the best possible coverage and quality for the needs of the venue. The system is based around AiRAY, APS, APS-SUB and SCP-F Bass Extensions as well as U4-SUB and speakers from the G-Series. The carefully configured combinations deliver power and precision to everyone in the venue and the system is rightly seen as something of a CODA Audio masterpiece.

Both guest stars were complimentary about their experiences at F-Party, praising the power and impact of the CODA Audio system and declaring themselves very pleased with the performances. F-Party’s own resident DJ, 9Blade joined the chorus of approval, describing the system as easily meeting the most stringent of demands.

R3hab and Armin van Buuren at F-Party in Kunming, China

Zhu Zihao, Executive Director of Asian Electronic Music Association in China and owner of the F-Party brand, was full of praise for the system: “The Coda Audio system is awesome. The sound is tight – the high frequency is gorgeous and the low frequency powerful and flexible. You can really feel the power and quality throughout the club and I very much look forward to our next collaboration with CODA Audio!” 

Paul Ward, Director of Global Business Development for CODA Audio: “The CODA Audio message being delivered in China by our excellent distribution partners Tempo, is certainly spreading far and wide. F-Party’s decision to install a CODA System is clearly paying dividends, as witnessed by the positive reaction of two international superstars to the quality and power on offer. The carefully designed installation at F-Party also neatly demonstrates how flexible and adaptable our ranges can be in complementing each other to obtain the optimum solution for a given space.”


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