PL+S 2018: HK Audio rolls out ‘biggest ever’ launch

This week, HK Audio is preparing to roll out the largest product launch in the firm’s 35+ year history. In the past year, HK Audio has taken on a number of new audio specialists, and this new team has been instrumental in the development of the new pro audio range, which are on display at HK Audio’s main Prolight+Sound booth.

First up is the Cosmo integrative line array system family, which is comprised of three different system models and was developed under the premise of offering an extremely flexible and easily configurable solution in the professional PA sector. Cosmo combines state-of-the-art audio qualities with ingeniously simple handling and unbeatable economic efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Next up is Contour X, a new point source PA flagship series designed to offer extreme sound pressure levels from compact solid birch multiplex enclosures. Contour X features modern high-performance woofers, 24 dB crossovers and newly developed horns with extra wide mouths, which significantly reduce unwanted distortion and increase the maximum usable SPL by several decibels.

The new C SUB subwoofer series – made up of the C SUB 118 and the C SUB 218 cabinets – fits seamlessly with all Cosmo and Contour X speakers. Their high efficiency and extremely high load capacity ensure unusually large dynamic headroom down to the lowest frequency ranges.

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