PL+S 2018 – Trabes

At Prolight + Sound Trabes presented the new one-ton Chain Hoists Divo Four D8 and the 800kg, 1.6 and 2-ton D8Plus.

There are also two new products from the Divo Move engine control series. The Touring version is available in four or eight channel versions, standard or linkable, weighing just 8kg and occupying only two rack units. The eight-channel Easy touch model is equipped with a practical 7″ touch screen and allows the management of several slave units for a total of 96 channels (12 modules). Easy Touch allows for the reading of the load and the position of each channel and allows for the programming of load limits and positions.

The modular stage deck system combines strength, durability, stability and total flexibility. The numerous accessories available allow for a large number of combinations, something synonymous of the extreme versatility that this particular product offers.


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