PL+S 2018: Robert Juliat to reveal LED profile

Robert Juliat will make its latest Compact range of followspots available at Prolight+Sound with the new, exclusive 600W LED models, Alice and Oz, first in line to ship. These short and long throw followspots exhibit restyled bodywork and all the wealth of RJ features one would expect from Robert Juliat. The combination of a highly efficient LED source and

Robert Juliat’s classic optical train ensures Alice and Oz pack a punch equal to that of conventional 1200W discharge models, at a fraction of the power consumption.

Additionally, Robert Juliat has promised to reveal “a new, very powerful, FOH LED profile for the first time at the show”.

Robert Juliat’s SpotMe, a bespoke, 3D tracking system for followspots, will be demonstrating how it leads from the front in coordinating fixtures to follow performers on stage.

The expanding Dalis range will also be on show with some new additions. The Dalis Access 863 is a cyclight designed to give those with smaller budgets the first access to Dalis technology. The Dalis 864 Footlight is a new colour variation of the original Dalis 862 tuneable white footlight, which includes 48 asymmetrical reflectors, for the creation of colourful upstage or downstage lighting.

Finally, RJ’s ZEP series will be represented with a demonstration of RJ ZEP Fresnel 360LF in warm white which will be shown alongside a traditional tungsten Fresnel luminaire.


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