PL+S 2018 – RCF

A number of new products from RCF here at Prolight + Sound 2018, including updates to both their Line Array and Point Source ranges.

Firstly, we have some new additions to the HDL range, which has now been clearly divided into two product categories. For smaller rental companies we have the HDL 6-A, HDL 10-A and HDL 20-A. Then for the higher level we have units with neodymium components, with larger amplifiers and RDnet networking. This makes these products more suitable for more demanding applications where advanced configuration is needed to be completed.

New to this high-end range is the HDL 26-A, which features a 1000w RMS amplifier, entirely designed by RCF. The cabinet weighs in at less than 12kg, yet is capable of producing 133db SPL. We also have HDL 28-A, which is an evolution of HDL 10, with double 8-inch woofers, with an amplifier running at 1100w RMS.

RCF also have a new series of accompanying HDL subwoofers, complete with networking, which can be flown with the HDL array products. HDL 35-AS features a single 15″ driver, which is designed to be flown with 26-A, but can also be ground stacked. We also have HDL 36-AS, designed to be flown with HDL 28-A. Again, this features a single 15” with a larger voice-coil, and 1600w amplifier. Finally we have the HDL 38-AS, which is a single 18inch driver at 1800W. The range of subwoofers is also compatible with non- networked HDL models.

As for point source, RCF have additions to the HD series, which is now complete with 15” versions, featuring 1” 3” and 4” compression drivers. The 4” version has a 1100watt power amplifier, with RDnet networking.

The professional RCF Touring & Theatre includes now five new speakers, which follow the TT+ philosophy and include the shared RDNet networked management platform. The new TTP/TTL 4-A were developed with a 100° x 50° dispersion on the TTP Point Source speaker and 100° x 25° on the TTL Linear Source speaker. Other important features are the innovative rigging concept and a rotatable/swappable waveguide.

FiRPHASE processing, launched during PL+S 2017, drives all of the new self-powered RCF speakers presented in Frankfurt this year. This technology allows for 0°, linear phase  between the entire RCF speaker range, delivering transparent and clear sound, providing a top sonic quality to the listener. With the new 3.2 release of RDNet Networked Management, RCF offers real-time air compensation, the inclusion of the Shape Designer and the RCF two-dimensional simulation software. We also have the new Bass Shaper function, to achieve the desired timbre on low frequencies and maintain the desired tonal balance across on the entire system.


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