PL+S 2018 – Audinate

Audinate are presenting the new Dante 4.1 firmware at Prolight + Sound this year, in conjuncion the Ultimate UXT chipset family which is currently implemented in hundreds of AV products, including active speakers, microphones, amplifiers, recording interfaces and more. The update allows for various products to send audio streams to other non-Dante devices that use the AES67 standard. The company also announced the management of the SMPTE 2110 protocol within the Dante platform.

Another novelty is the new family of Dante AVIO™ endpoint adapters, designed to easily connect legacy analogue and digital equipment to a Dante network. Dante AVIO includes six new adapters, including analog line-in and line-out converters, a bi-directional AES3/EBU system and a bi-directional stereo USB converter. Dante AVIO USB adapters also allow users to connect computers to a Dante network, without the aid of additional software. Dante AVES AES3 instead allows the management of stereo signals, both in and out, ideal for mixers, compressors and preamps.

Finally we have Dante Domain Manager, the new network management software created by Audinate, which enables the management of audio networking to be more scalable and secure.


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