PL+S 2018 – Panasonic

This year Panasonic presents a series of solutions dedicated to live entertainment, with a fascinating holographic showcase complete with tracking of the movement of dancers on stage. This showcases the most advanced laser technologies, with the 20,000 lumens PT-RQ22 4K projector in the center of the 360-degree video projection. This is possible thanks to the new wide-angle Fish-Eye optic (ET-D3LEF70) and Solid Shine ™ technology. PT-RQ22 is a 20,000 lumen 3-chip DLP Laser projector, with 5K resolution and a quad pixel drive system on WQXGA chipset. Its contrast ratio is 20 000: 1.

Also present is the 3-chip DLP laser projector,  PT-RZ21K, suitable for large surfaces. The projector features a compact design capable of expressing 20,000 lumens with WUXGA resolution. The RZ21K offers built-in redundancy, allowing continuous projection without interruption even in the event of a diode failure, while the switch to a secondary signal source ensures continuity for the video feed.

We close with the 30,000 lumen Solid Shine Laser Projector PT-RZ31K, with a frame rate of 120Hz and 20,000: 1 contrast ratio. Among the features we find a significant decrease in noise, which stands at 49 dB, and a reduction in weight, weighing in at 79 kg. In addition, the air intake system has been redesigned to make the optics dust-proof, whilst the laser modules are hermetically sealed. The series of projectors consists of the PT-RZ31K, with WUXGA resolution (1920 × 1200 format 16:10), and of the PT-RS30K, with SXGA + resolution (1440 x 1050).
The interaction between the 3-Chip DLP and the Solid Shine Laser Phosphor technology system allows images to be projected with bright colors and high brightness. The laser source passes through special phosphor filters, with a prism composed of the three DLP ™ modules (R/G/B), thus producing bright images, with precise colors and high contrast, even in large-scale applications.
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