PL+S 2018 – Laserworld

For Laswerworld, Prolight + Sound represents the the ideal context to show off its technologies, thanks also to the collaboration with PRG and their impressive demonstration area in the Festhalle.

Let’s start with RTI NEO ONE, an RGB laser with a design that allows for several fixtures to be connected to each other, in order to obtain infinite configurations of multi-beam systems. All the devices are controllable via DMX and can therefore be easily integrated into any lighting setup. Only one PSU is required for the management of up to 6 lasers, whilst the scanning system is 45 kpps @ 8 degrees. Extremely bright diodes allow for the projector to reach a total power of 3300 mW, making this an ideal product for large stages, live performances, clubs and various events.

Tarm DOT is instead a laser that utilises gobo effects to create grids, lines and cluster effects. These are selectable via DMX, with the source being able to express a defined, precise and well-balanced beam in terms of its colours. Tarm 7, on the other hand, represents a specific solution with analogue colour management via a browser interface. This makes it possible to access the colour, scanning and other parameter configurations from any PC, tablet or Smartphone.

The latest innovation concerns the Rti Neo Six Series, a laser array with analog modulation and a system scanner that can be controlled via DMX. For each output, it is possible to adjust the XY position of the scan, while for each beam there are 10 preset patterns such as squares, circles, lines and more. Thanks to the remote control via DMX it is possible to create original effects, chases and shapes.


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