K-Array exhibits a series of elegant and original solutions dedicated to the market of productions and events. The K-array Event line offers a series of “discreet” audio kits, finished in white and characterised by low weight with easy transportation. This series includes the Kobra-KK102 line-array, the flexible Anakonda-KAN200+ and the Thunder-KMT12 sub. When combined together in a range of configurations, these products create different solutions to satisfy a wide variety of needs, even in sophisticated environments where a certain amount of care and a particular attention to the integration with the location is required.

Another novelty is the Capture series, previously presented during the last ISE and composed of the Capture-KMC20V vertical-array microphone and the Capture-KMC20H horizontal microphone. Both measure 6 X 6 X 226m mm and weigh only 0.032 kg. Inside is a real array consisting of 8 x 4 mm cardioid capsules with a frequency response of 80 – 15000 Hz.

Info: www.k-array.com

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