PL+S 2018 – BroadWeigh

A product that will surely please our rigging friends is TwistLink, a device that allows for a BroadWeigh shackle from 4.75 tonnes to be connected to to either a 3.25 or 4.75 tonne without having to touch the pin, nut and clip. The 90 ° holes minimize the torsion load in the load pin and allow greater precision, in accordance with the European Machinery Directive.

The new Advanced Handheld (BW-HA), on the other hand, is a system that, through the specific hand-held device, provides instant access to the readings of the individual loads without the need to connect a PC. With a coverage of up to 800 meters, the system can be configured to perform the sum of the individual load cells and has three main functions: Roaming Mode for reading an unlimited number of meters without having to define them; List Mode to configure up to 24 predefined shackles, saving in terms of energy consumption and allowing for the identification of the single hardware units; and Summing Group Mode to perform the total load calculation on up to eight elements and display the load on each individual meter.


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