Prolight + Sound 2018 – d&b Audiotechnik

d&b audiotechnik are presenting the newest addition to their SL Series here at Prolight + Sound 2018, the GSL system.

The GSL series is the next generation of line-array technology from the company, sitting right at the top of the companies portfolio, above the J, Y and V-Series. d&b audiotechnik intends for the system to create a new benchmark for large-format line arrays, increasing expectations of output and dispersion accuracy for large-scale reinforcement applications. As well as creating optimum power to the front of the array, GSL has been designed to to provide maximum energy rejection to the rear, aiding sound engineers and designers alike.

Alongside GSL, we have Soundscape, which was announced by the company in February. Powered by the DS100 Signal Engine, the software allows for the realisation of extended creative possibilities for sound designers, providing audiences with never-before-heard experiences. Soundscape offers the ability to complete object-based mixing, as well as sophisticated and complex room emulation.

Info: www.d&

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