PL+S 2018 – GLP

German Light Products are presenting a quartet of new fixtures here at Prolight + Sound 2018, with KNV, Impression S350, Impression FR1 and Force 120.

The fair is the first official showing of its impression S350, a mid-range class fixture aiming to offer an non-compromised feature set. With precise four-blade framing, each blade can be adjusted by an angle of ±30°, with the whole frame rotatable by ±45. These blades be completely included or excluded from the beam to allow for sharp imagery as well as complete blackout.

Impression FR1 on the other hand is a compact beam/wash fixture, with a fast zoom from 3.5 to 34 degrees. Powered by a single 60watt RGBW LED, it features advanced colour mixing across a wide range of temperatures. To add creative function, the FR1 also has continuous rotation and tilt, with 16 bit control.

Next up we have KNV, which GLP is billing as the first frameless modular LED module in the market to combine Strobe, Blinder and Pixel-Block. KNV Cube and KNV Arc form the basis of this modular LED system, with either functioning as stand-alone fixtures or as part of an interlocking system. This is designed to allow designers to create clustered structures with ease, right up to large matrix designs. Furthermore, the fixtures are IP54-rated, making them suitable for outdoor festival use as well as other outdoor events.

Finally, we have Force 120, a fan effect fixture with variable speed running from 30 to 750rpm. Measuring in at 1.4 metres square, the fixture can switch from its slowest to fastest rotation with incredible speed. Force 120 can be used as both a scenic stage effect, or as an effective air mover.


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