PL+S 2018 – dBTechnologies

Prolight + Sound 2018 is playing host to the world premiere of dBTechnologies’ VIO L212, an full-scale active line array designed for large scale touring applications. It is also the European premiere for the compact VIO L208, which can be heard daily at the outdoor demo sessions together with single 18” active subwoofer VIO S118R, demonstrating the power of such a compact system.

L212 has been designed with power in mind. The unit has been created for large applications by combining impressive onboard power with optimised coverage, presented alongside intelligent rigging design and transportation considerations. Advanced DSP provides sound definition whilst still maintaining extensive headroom, without increasing the size or weight of the cabinet beyond absolute necessity, which weighs in at just 53kg. The unit features horn-loaded midrange, which is located in close proximity to the high-frequency drivers, allowing for smooth coverage. Onboard NFC allows for storage of data such as hours of use and positional information. To make the fixture extra-resistant to inclement weather conditions, the rear panel of the unit is covered by a automotive-grade rubber flap, which connects magnetically to provide extra protection. When paired with the new VIO S218 active subwoofer, the L212 is capable of tackling the largest of performances.

Next we have the new active 2-way speaker, Opera Unica 12. Rated at 132db SPL, this compact and lightweight speaker (just 15kg) is perfect for the musical instrument market, as well as for smaller rental or production companies.

We also have an update to the company’s INGENIA Series, with INGENIA RDNet EH. This is a selection of active speakers which are designed to work together individually but can also be paired together without the use of cables, using onboard infrared technology which detects the presence of a second speaker. An on-board setup wizard then automatically configures the system to provide the best coverage using the speakers present. This is taken even further with the added remote control capability, via Rd Net protocol and Aurora Net software.

Aurora Net is the same software that can now be used to control and manage the complete range of products from dBTechnologies, providing unified operation across their products.


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