PL+S 2018: ArcSystem Pro Fade to Warm range to expand later this year

During its 14 year history GDS has pioneered many advances in LED lighting technology, foremost of which was its success in creating perfect dimming from 100% to absolute zero within its multi-award-winning ArcSystem range of LED products. Having completed the range with the hugely successful ArcLamp, the company recently made a further breakthrough when it introduced ArcSystem Fade To Warm technology. Responding to customer calls to address the loss of red shift that characterises LED lamps, GDS developed the possibility to exactly mimic the actions of a tungsten lamp with an LED. Where tungsten lamps traditionally retain their characteristic warm light temperature upon dimming, this was a feature that has always had to be sacrificed when retro-fitting to LED until the GDS team changed the game again.

No longer, in pursuit of perfect dimming and environmental and cost benefits, would a venue have to lose the capacity to dim its houselights to an atmospheric, warm ambience. Thanks to ArcSystem Fade To Warm, seamless dimming AND fade to warm we’re both possible in one fitting. Upon its introduction in 2016, Fade to Warm technology was applied to the ArcLamp range and proved an immediate hit, making its debut at The Bristol Hippodrome to great acclaim.

GDS is delighted to announce that Fade To Warm technology is now to be rolled out across the whole ArcSystem Pro range, something about which Managing Director Matthew Lloyd is understandably excited:

“At GDS, every aspect of every product is under constant review as we seek to improve and push boundaries.  When we made significant enhancements to ArcSystem in the shape of our V1.5 technology we described the process as ‘sharpening the cutting edge’ and developments such as Fade to Warm underline our commitment to more than just neat phraseology. The capacity of an LED lamp to fade to that familiar comforting warm glow had eluded everyone but it remained firmly in our sights. Its application to the ArcLamp range secured the PLASA Award for Sustainability in 2016 and the success of its installation into leading theatres prompted us to apply Fade To Warm across the whole ArcSystem Pro range. The team here deserve enormous credit for their ingenuity, their perseverance and the ingrained belief that everything is possible. We are tremendously excited at the prospects for ArcSystem Fade To Warm and the enhancements it can bring.”

ArcSystem Fade To Warm will now be available in 1 Cell, 2 Cell, 4 Cell and 8 Cell fittings.


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