PL+S 2018 – MA Lighting

Surely one of the most awaited products being presented here in Frankfurt is from MA Lighting, with the new GrandMA3. Based on the experience gained with the previous MA consoles, this revamp has been completely redesigned to provide the end user with all the most advanced programming techniques that a light console can offer. The new architecture includes new features and new effects management.

The full-size and light grandMA3 models feature a fully customizable multi-touch surface, dedicated encoders and access to playback directly from the letterbox screens. The choice to exploit the Wide Area Networks (WAN) in addition to the classic LAN is important to facilitate software updates, access to technical support, online help and the download of fixture profiles. In addition, the proprietary MA-Net3 protocol allows up to 250,000 parameters to be managed. The case has been specially designed for better heat management and better insulation of critical components from dust, with an extremely quiet cooling system.

The software also uses the recently announced GDTF (General Device Type Format), developed in collaboration with VectorWorks and Robe, and which allows users to replicate and manage various features in a realistic manner.

New buttons have been added, and the console has been improved ergonomically, able to meet the needs of experienced programmers. The worksurface ensures an improved tactile experience, with rapid and precise activation of the parameters. The dynamic effects are no longer limited and it is now possible to create sequences of multi-step effects directly inside a cue or a preset. “Phasers” are now treated as simple static parameters.

The software range for grandMA3 integrates, as with previous versions, a 3D viewer useful for pre-programming and the ability to manage and play multimedia content directly from the console. The onPC version is available for Windows 10 and macOS and can be managed with the appropriate command wing and connected to the Xort Node.

Finally, the grandMA3 console can manage the shows created with grandMA2 consoles from version 3.4 and onwards, which incorporate Mode2 operation, with the grandMA2 native software inside.

The complete grandMA3 range is available here with detailed information and features.


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