The well-known Slovak company Kvant are presenting BurstBerry, a multi-head laser system, as well as the Spectrum 2018 series.

BurstBerry is a full-colour laser, capable of expressing an output equal to 2000mW from a design that allows the user to assemble multiple modules together to create various configurations. The fixture is controllable via Ethernet, ArtNet or DMX and is extremely compact, weighing only 3.8 kg. But the real novelty present in this product is the 3W LED that allows for the fixture to also be used as a blinder.

Spectrum 2018 is instead a professional series, with OPSL or OPSL + diode, with superior characteristics. It is comparable to the Atom series, with high power but with a lower price. Spectrum is available in 20W, 25W and 33W standard versions, alongside LD versions with RGBY mixing.

Info: www.kvantlasers.sk

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