PL+S 2018 – Visual Productions

Visual Productions presents the new IoCore2, a “bridge” between the various communication protocols that works as a GPIO expansion module for projects and installations. IoCore2 maintains the functionality of the original IOore, with a faster and more powerful CPU, a new Ethernet stack with DHCP and the addition of the latest network technologies. This includes new protocols such as sACN and others. Last but not least, it is capable of accepting voltages from 12 to 24V DC.

We also have Kiosc, a new software useful for creating customised touchscreen user interfaces and designed to limit editing possibilities. This enables the software to be entrusted to to non-specialised users.

Kiosc Editor, the complementary app, allows users to easily create interfaces with customisable layouts, even with user-defined images and logos. Kiosc is available for free on the App Stores throughout the duration of the fair, from 10 to 13 April 2018.


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