PL+S 2018 – Sparkular

Now for a product that we saw it in action during the last edition of MIR in Rimini. We wanted to closely observe the response from the public to Sparkular, an effect that rightly named after the power of a centurion at the time of the Roman empire.

Sparkular is a completely safe-to-touch product, which does not burn, produce heat, emit smoke or produce any odour. This innovative product is completely non-toxic, uses no flammable substances or pyrotechnic materials, therefore offering absolute safe usage.

New this year, present for the first time in Frankfurt, is the Sparkular Mini, designed to meet the growing demand for small parties, weddings and events in clubbing environments. The dimensions are contained to an easily transportable unit, making for quick installation. Sparkular FALL, on the other hand, is a further version that can be used to produce falling sparks from above.

 The indoor fountain shoots sparks from 1 to 6 meters in height, with an adjustable dispersion of between 45° and 90°. All Sparkular versions are controllable via DMX.


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