PL+S 2018 – Sagitter

There are many interesting things to be found on Sagitter‘s booth here in Frankfurt. Franco Natali presents to us a series of products ranging from moving heads to conventional LED and COB chips, with power ratings that do not exceed 300w, and therefore ideal for clubbing applications, private events, corporate functions and more.

Let’s start with the new LED Lite Spot line, composed of 3 models (150, 250, 300) and equipped with a variety of different functions. Lite Spot R5 has a 150W LED source with a colour temperature of 7500K, a projection angle of 13.2° and a brightness of 6170 lux @ 5m. The features are completed by the 7-slot colour wheel, 6-slot rotating gobos, static wheel with 11 gobos, as well as a 3-sided prism. Lite Spot R10 stands out instead for the 250W source, a 10° – 25° zoom range and brightness equal to 8650 lux @ 5 meters. Finally we have the Giuno 300 series, a spot with a 270W LED source and a zoom of 3° – 50°. The fixture has a brightness equal to 21000 lux @ 5 meters with a zoom of 3°, or 1400 lux @ 5 meters with a zoom of 50°. Giuno 300 mixes CMY and CTO linear, with colour wheel and double gobo wheel.

Also worth mentioning is the Slimpar COB series, with 3 models of 30w, 60w and 100w power. The fixture is characterised by a plastic body, a projection angle of 50°, RGBW Full Colour source, linear dimmer and strobe. Also present are two COB models with Zoom, known as SolPar. This fixture is equipped with a 15° -40° zoom, RGBW mixing and 20W and 60W sources. Also we have the IP65-rated AQUAPar series.

The FloorBat Q1 and Q3 battery-powered LED projectors, with 1 LED of 15W RGBW and 3 RGBWA-UV 12W LEDs through a 15° opening, close our rundown of products from Sagitter. Both are equipped with a wireless DMX transmitter/receiver Wireless Solutions, capable of operating both via DMX and in master/slave mode. Given the extremely reduced size and weight, they are ideal for use in a variety of applications and allow for an ultra-fast setup.


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