PL + S 2018 – SpotLight

Spotlight have chosen Frankfurt to present the new Fresnell Hyperion, the first of a series of projectors with a refined design and innovative features.

Inside there is a COB LED source of 300W, 6 colours (RGBACL) with CRI between 94 and 97 depending on the color temperature. Among the features we find a zoom of 12.5 ° – 43 °, both manual and motorized, alongside a colour booster that dynamically controls the power of the single color when not all colors are at full intensity. There is the ability to control the speed of the fan through a special channel, with the design of the fixture paying particular attention to maintenance requirements due to simplified access to the internal electronics.
Also interesting is the inclusion of tungsten lamp emulation through the “Amber shift” function, with the simulation of the halogen lamp emulated with a delay in the phases of switching the lamp on and off. The fixture can operate across seven different DMX modes that allow the simple use of 3 channels (dimmer, color and strobe) to full, TV / Theater and HSI modes.


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