PL+S 2018 – MADRIX

MADRIX are presenting NEBULA at Prolight + Sound 2018, the new driver for LED strips with single pixel control. This gives extreme flexibility as there is the possibility of direct connection to a wide range of pixel control strips and digital LED tapes based on SPI chipsets. Up to 1,360 RGB pixels can be controlled for each device. The hardware design makes it quick and easy to install it on the wall or on DIN rails. Data control is sent to the device via USB, or via a network directly to a PC via the Art-Net protocol.

The MADRIX sync mode allows the user to synchronise colours, visual content and graphic effects, without any visual interruption on the LEDs.

The German company also presents a hardware fixture called Orion at the fair, able to give life to interactive projects by means of the eight inputs capable of addressing 0 – 12 volt signals coming from any type of sensor, potentiometer or switch, receiving digital signals for the management of lights, audio and more.


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