PL+S 2018 – DTS

DTS presents a world premiere at the Prolight + Sound 2018, with the new SYNERGY 5 PROFILE, a LED fixture that harbours some original and innovative features.

Synergy 5 Profile has a pure white LED source of 420 W (output 7000 K / 16.500 Lumen), capable of expressing 49,900 Lux with 4.6 ° zoom at a distance of 5m. The long-excursion motorized zoom works on a range from 4.6° to 43°, with a 1:9 ratio. It is equipped with autofocus that allows gobos to always be in focus at any zoom length. Also present is a linear Frost filter for hard-edge to soft-edge projection.

Another feature is the possibility to select the value of CRI via DMX. CRI> 90 is recommended for realistic colors and natural skin tones in theater and television, while CRI> 75 allows superior brightness in large concerts and events.

Next we have Dynamove, an FX generator able to give life to dynamic animation effects. It achieves this through both macros that offer a variety of multi-layer effects ready to use – and the revolutionary Virtual Animation Wheel, an effect that replaces a classic animation wheel and allows the user to create a wide range of dynamic backgrounds.

As for colour, Synergy 5 Profile allows both the classic linear mixing in CMY and CTO modes, alongside the ability to select a specific shade from the wide internal range of emulations of the most popular Gels.

The SYNERGY 5 PROFILE includes 4 blades operating on 4 distinct levels. Each blade can enter and exit the field of view with a “curtain effect”, as well as turn 60° (+/- 30°). The entire system rotates by 90 ° (+/- 45 °), allowing for the generation of any regular or irregular parallelogram in a fluid or super-fast manner. Indexing also ensures accurate reproduction of any cue.

We close the series of features with networking features. On board are the protocols Art-net 4 and sACN, which in fact allowe SYNERGY 5 PROFILE to integrate with the most complex installations running over Ethernet networks.


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