PL+S 2018 – Claypaky

Claypaky is part of a small cluster of companies that for years have chosen Prolight + Sound as the event to stage “world premieres” of their products.

This year is the turn of a system that could be defined as the IoT (internet of things) of entertainment: a system that transforms the moving head projector into a completely independent follow spot, without the aid of direct or remote control. ZAC-EYE is a device that connects directly to the Claypaky fixture, simulating the behaviour of the human eye in being able to recognise a person and to follow their various movements. It is a completely stand-alone system that connects to the projector via Ethernet. It is equipped with a specially designed 3D sensor, which is capable (through a particular algorithm) of recognising the various objects on the stage distinguishing them from people.

The new AXCOR 300 series is also making its debut in Frankfurt, a family of moving heads ideal for small-medium applications, clubs, small events and tours, theatre, TV and more. AXCOR SPOT 300 is equipped with 17 gobos on 2 wheels, AXCOR WASH 300 has a 140mm PC lens and a 5.5° -42° linear zoom, while AXCOR BEAM 300 is able to express a powerful and concentrated beam with an aperture of 2°.

The third novelty present at Prolight + Sound is the first full presentation of Hepikos, a beam-wash fixture equipped with advanced optics and 440W Osram source. Among the various features we find a zoom of 5° – 40°, as well as a CMY colour mixing composed of three wheels (one per colour, and two additional colour wheels). This is a projector that integrates completely with the Mythos series, with which it shares the same chassis and the same source.


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