Harman makeover at Ho Chi Minh City broadcaster

The Voice Of Ho Chi Minh City’s People (VOH) is the official radio station of Ho Chi Minh City. For over 40 years, the radio station has hosted programme broadcasts and live performances from its VOH Music One Theatre. In addition to station-organised concerts and tapings, the theatre hosts receptions, state delegations, business meetings, private events and more.

In order to keep up with the increasing demands of modern live productions and strict broadcast standards, VOH hired Ba Sao Investment to upgrade its aging sound system with a complete Harman audio solution.

“We wanted to upgrade from the previous system to better meet the latest production standards for audio, lighting and video,” said Mr. Le Cong Dong, Director, Voice of Ho Chi Minh City’s People. “The new system that Ba Sao Investment installed ensures the station’s rich legacy remains relevant now and into the future.”

The system installed in VOH Music One Theatre includes a main hang of three JBL VRX932LAP powered line array speakers per side, joined by one VRX918SP subwoofer per side. Two JBL PRX710 two-way speakers serve as centre down-fills, while two additional PRX710 front-fills are grouped on the floor with two PRX718XLF subwoofers. Two JBL PRX715 speakers are installed as under-balcony-fills, while JBL PRX715 and PRX712 powered speakers provide clear on-stage monitoring.

To ensure optimum system performance, Ba Sao Investment selected the Soundcraft Vi3000 digital live sound console. A Soundcraft Compact Stagebox supplies the Vi3000 console with 64 audio inputs from the theatre’s stage.

“One of the major challenges we faced was installing the new system without altering the existing structure,” said Nguyen Khac Anh, CEO, Ba Sao Investment. “The grandstand was built before 1975, and the previous speaker placements weren’t ideal. The system we installed is seamlessly integrated into the existing facility, and delivers improved sound distribution and quality throughout the 350-seat theatre.”

Info: pro.harman.com

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