BroadWeigh monitors The Killers world tour

Paradigm Rigging has worked with Christie Lites to monitor the loads with BroadWeigh wireless load cells on The Killers Wonderful Wonderful world tour.

Michael Sorowka, CEO, Paradigm Rigging, explains: “In September we were brought to New Jersey where The Killers were doing technical rehearsals and programming of the show before their UK leg. There we had 56 cells in play to weight the full show before it hit its first arenas.

“From initial versions, cells were originally going to be specified for some of the larger video walls and two mother grids to help with determining load distribution, but through a few minor design revisions, elements of that changed which in turn changed the needs of the load cells for the run.”

The set gives a strong Las Vegas feel consisting of large flown marquee arrows lined in neon, pointing downward to the stage as well as a miniature water tower showcasing each city’s name. “There are approximately 120 rigging points in the show which includes PA, stage left / stage right cable bridge, multiple lighting trusses, lighting pods, an inverted automated triangle video wall directly above the band and full upstage surround of video walls,” comments Michael.

For the US / Canada run which concluded on 6 February, 12 BroadWeigh cells monitored a 10,000lb upstage video pyramid which was lined with 24(x) GLP X4 bar lights. This was lifted by seven inverted one-ton motors under a spine truss being held by five 2000kg motors above.

Michael adds: “One of the key concerns and reasons for implementing the load cells into the rig was to address the concern about safe and proper weight distribution across the spine truss and its five motors above. Triangles or pyramids are always tricky situations for rigging, having such a large portion of the weight of the element suspended in the middle.”

Dustin King, video crew chief for The Killers, says: “This is the first time I’ve used BroadWeigh cells and they’ve been superb in ensuring our motors are taking even weight while the pyramid is constructed. The system really helps me to keep control of how much weight is taken per motor. I love the wireless ability versus running long lengths of XLR for load cell communication.”


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