PR Lighting illuminates Gaana Bollywood

Ananta Stagecraft called on a total of 172 fixtures from the PR Lighting catalogue to provide dynamic illumination for the recent Gaana Bollywood Music Project. This two-day event was held in the Indian capital of Delhi, and according to Ananta Stagecraft’s Jay Joshi, the spectators were mesmerised by the spectacular lightshow.

Local company Ananta Stagecraft had recently invested heavily in PR Lighting, and as the official lighting partner for the event they were able to field 60 x PR XR 330 Beam II; 50 x PR XR440 BWS; 38 x PR XR480 BWS and 24 x PR XLED 4022RZ to achieve impressive brightness and versatility.

These fixtures populated two massive stages, both expertly designed by house lighting designers Jay Joshi and Sohail Mansuri to provide maximum bang for the buck.
The lighting designers themselves were hugely impressed. Said Sohail Mansuri, “I have never come across such robust fixtures until now.

“The weather conditions during production and for the show itself provided a major challenge. During programming hours the temperature dropped to around 6°, while during show hours it would soar to 4°. Yet the fixtures worked flawlessly and I was able to create immense designs.”

Added Jay Joshi, “I have been working with PR Lighting fixtures since 2016 and they have always shone bright on my shows. I have never come across any problems, or the need to trouble shoot, as we regularly service them.”

He said the star performer was clearly the PR XLED 4022RZ. “These were able to wash out the entire stage, and the Vortex and Kaleidoscope effects are tremendous features of the fixture. The spectators really appreciated the lighting.”


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