Jands NZ continues to support Harman Professional

New Zealand distributor of professional audio products Jands has announced that the company will continue to support and distribute the Harman Professional Solutions brands in the New Zealand territory.

The announcement follows some confusion in the region following the decision by Jands Australia to no longer represent Harman in the Australian territory.

Bruce Gray, managing director for Jands NZ, says: “There has always been great synergy with the two companies – indeed, Jands New Zealand was created 30 years ago in partnership with Paul Mulholland of Jands (Pty) Ltd Australia, to sell audio products in the New Zealand market. However, that partnership was dissolved 28 years ago, whilst the Jands name was retained.”

Since then Jands NZ has built a legacy in New Zealand, becoming specialists in sound system design, supplying leading audio brands, providing wrap around support and solutions.
Gray adds: “There has been some confusion since Jands Australia relinquished Harman Professional from its product portfolio and acquired competitive brands that allow them to sell directly into New Zealand. We would like to reassure our customers that Jands NZ still supports and distributes Harman Professional products such as JBL, AKG, BSS, Crown, DBX, Lexicon, Soundcraft and Studer in New Zealand. The brands have and continue to innovate and win accolades in the industry.”

Jands NZ has recently acquired additional brands for its portfolio; such as Ampetronic Assistive Listening and SoundEar Noise Measurement Systems, with more product announcements expected this year.

Info: www.jands.co.nz

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