ISE Amsterdam 2018 – The Final Chapter

We come to the end of this edition of ISE, one that surprised us in terms of the high number of attendees and exhibitors, but above all the number of events outside of the fair. There have been vast amounts of training, networking and demonstration opportunities (Master of Projection Mapping being particularly notable).

Throughout the fair, we have seen a huge variety of Pro Audio and Lighting products. The taboo about not being able to present line arrays, amplifiers, monitors, video and lights from the entertainment industries seem to have been abolished here in Amsterdam. Thanks to this, many companies are interpreting the concept of integration in a new way, bringing tools, equipment and tools from one market to another.

Despite some internet connection problems perhaps caused by the high number of connected devices, our IntegrationMag Team have had a hugely successful week, with the publication of over 50 live news articles across the three days of their stay here in Amsterdam.

So, let’s start with the highlights of the third day here at the show, starting with Outline. The Italian professional audio company were presenting at ISE for the first time this year, showcasing their new Arena series. Arena is the result of the experience gained with the development of the Stadia series, and is a range dedicated to small to medium installations. The series consists of two models, 215 CX and 212 CX, both capable of reproducing a high level of intelligibility across the entire frequency spectrum. The 215 CX is equipped with a 15″ transducer for low frequencies and a 15″ driver for medium-low frequencies, along with a 3″ high-frequency compression driver, combined with a specially designed waveguide. The 212 CX makes use of 12″ drivers for low frequencies and 12″/ 3″ transducers, which have allowed for outline to create an even more compact and lightweight product. Another new feature at ISE is the STSUB-215 sub, perfectly compatible with the Stadia series, which is also equipped with a weather protection system, extending the possible applications of the system. Among the features we find a peak SPL of 144 dB, obtained thanks to two 15″ woofers in bass-reflex configuration, a frequency response of 34 Hz – 2.4 kHz to -10 dB, and a total power equal to 2 x 600 W continuous and 2 x 2400 W peak.

Genelec, the well know company about studio monitors, has often been involved in many successful AV projects in recent years, where it has been able to make its products and know-how available for high quality audio combined in installations based on IP networking, which is why Genelec chosed to be present at ISE 2018. This year in Amsterdam there is the compact 4000 series available in 120 different colors, a series of in-wall and ceiling architectural speakers, including the IP monitor, 8430A.
8430A is based on the Ravenna protocol with the addition of the AES67 standard and compatible with the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM ™) software and with AutoCal ™. The features include the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE ™) system and the Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW ™).

Powersoft launched two new models at ISE, 804 and 4804, belonging to the Duecanali series, which add to the 1604 model presented during ISE 2017. The addition of two new two-channel amplifiers, available with or without DANTE, offers installers a complete range of solutions able to satisfy many different types of installation, from the simplest to the most complex. Duecanali 4804 provides two outputs of 2400W @ 4 Ω and is ideal for dealing with small/medium situations. Duecanali 804 provides two 400W outputs and is suitable for installations in retail environments, bars, restaurants and more.

Proel showcase a complete range of solutions ranging from evacuation systems, to lighting, through the Pro-Audio and more. Beyond the products, the staff of the well-known Italian company announced the upcoming inauguration of a multifunctional theatre at its headquarters, which will allow for training, demos and events involving audio and lighting fixtures from Axiom, Proel and Sagitter.

Axiom AX6C is a portable column system, officially launched here at ISE, composed of 6 3.5″ transducers for a continuous power of 180W. The particular waveguide has been designed to achieve wide horizontal dispersion, maintaining a modern and elegant design – a fundamental parameter for access to the installation market. Axiom AX12C is instead a cardioid system characterised by precise control of directivity, in order to eliminate problems caused by refraction. The system is expandable up to 4 columns and consists of 12 3.5″ neodymium woofers in addition to a 1″ voice coil, capable of producing a peak SPL at one metre equal to 130dB, with a frequency response to -6dB that ranges from 180 Hz to 16 KHz.

Bose announces the new S1 Pro here at ISE. This is a compact and lightweight portable speaker designed for musicians, DJs, installations or other general uses, defined by the company as an “all-in-one” solution. The fixture can also be used as a monitor or amplifier . The speaker is easy to carry and handle and is battery powered, as well as being equipped with Bluetooth technology. An inbuilt 3-channel mixer with reverb adjustment and other useful functions make this a versatile piece of equipment. The ToneMatch processing system also allows for correct reproduction of signals from microphones and guitars, especially acoustic instruments. The S1 Pro comes with two XLR ¼ “inputs, a 3.5 mm input, Bluetooth and TRS input.

British company EM Acoustics exhibited the HALO Arena Line Array for the first time here at ISE 2018. The product is the result of development that lasted five years, with the clear objective of creating a P.A. for large spaces that is ideal for both touring and for installations. The design allows the array units to reach very high levels of SPL, with a horizontal dispersion along the whole band of frequencies equal to 90°. All of this is housed in a robust, resistant and low weight case. Every single module has a frequency response between 48 Hz and 19 kHz at +/-3dB, and is composed of four 3.4″ diaphragms that are flanked by the 1.4″ compression drivers for the high frequencies. Meanwhile, two 3.5″ drivers with 12″ neodymium voice coil are dedicated to low frequencies. The system is thus able to express a maximum SPL equal to 143dB continuous and 149dB peak.

FBT presents the integrated voice evacuation system, VAIE 5500, the younger brother of the well-known VAIE 6500. This system is specifically designed for wall mounting and equipped with a certified control unit complying with EN54-16: 2008/EN54-4. Depending on the model, these systems are able to manage multiple alarm zones using local commands, remote microphone stations and controlled inputs to be connected to a fire control unit. Also present is the SOP 540 T/EN, a speaker with an ABS body and front steel grille, equipped with 80cm of fire resistant UNI 9795 2010 cable and fixing system designed for easy mounting and to allow optimal orientation of the speaker. The diffuser has been specially developed to be used in emergency and evacuation systems (VES), thanks also to the ceramic terminal board and to the thermal fuse, which guarantee the protection of the connection line to the loudspeaker. SOP 540 has a max SPL at one metre of 104dB, with a frequency response from 100 – 19,000 Hz and dispersion angle equal to 90°.

Let’s now move on to the news of the day from the lighting and video world, starting with Robe, who exhibit the new MegaPointe, equipped with a 470W short arc source and an optical unit capable of giving rise to an extremely bright beam that allows for excellent projection of gobos. Moreover, the fixture is equipped with fast movement, a CMY mixing system and a series of effects that allow for hybrid functioning as a Spot, Beam or Wash fixture. The new Effects Engine allows for the creation of original effects, thanks to the 12 dynamic presets that contain beam and flower effects. The beam shaper also allows for the emulation of a framing system, to create rotating rectangular shapes.
Inside the fixture there is also a gobo wheel with 14 glass slots for precise projection both on surfaces and in the air, whilst a second wheel contains other 9 rotating gobos, indexable and replaceable. Each wheel is also equipped with speed control and a bi-directional animation wheel. All the features of MegaPointe are contained in a fixture with a weight of only 22Kgs.

As for Anolis, we take a look at the Ambiane recessed luminaires present inside the stand, designed to give installations a touch of dynamism and colour. The product is available in RGBW and white CCT adjustable versions, with an amplitude of 67° or 80°. Also we have ArcLine, the new Outdoor DVP bar (Direct View Pixel) designed for highlighting. The product is available in different lengths and guarantees a quick and simple in and out wiring for both the signal and the power supply. The RGB multi-chip source is extremely bright and able to perform balanced and clean colour mixing. Finally, ArcPix is ​​a compact IP67 multi-chip RGB LED fixture, suitable for pixel mapped matrix applications. It is extremely versatile and can be used in different ways to create dynamic visual effects in both external and internal environments, highlighting objects and spaces in any setting.

GLP (German Light Products) exhibited its Impression line here at ISE, with S350 and the brand new FR1. Impression S350 has a 350W LED source inside and is equipped with a CMY mixing system, with a CRI equal to 96. The rotary framing-system consists of four blades, each of which is capable of completely blocking the beam of light. Another feature is the presence of a software algorithm called active 3D dimming, for a more precise regulation of the intensity. Two gobo wheels are also included (seven rotating and 10 fixed), as well as a zoom of 7° – 50°. Impression FR1 is instead a super-compact beam equipped with a 60W RGBW LED source and zoom of 3.5° – 35°. An extremely compact fixture in terms of dimensions and weight, this unit can be easily used in fixed installations.

ETC exhibited the Mosaic line, complete with controllers, remote devices, accessories and management and control software. This systems are designed not just for entertainment environments, but are capable of powerfully managing the integration of lights, automation, audio, video and special effects. Unison Mosaic is the ideal solution to merge LEDs, moving heads, media servers and more in a simple and functional way, allowing creativity to reign. The solutions proposed in the Unison Echo line are also very special, providing extremely flexible, programmable options, which can be adjusted and scaled depending on the various needs of the project. The panels feature an essential design but are extremely accurate, allowing the user to set multiple presets to obtain special effects, or simply to minimise energy loss. Among the various possibilities offered, we have the ability to adjust the intensity, hue and saturation parameters of connected LED products and more.

Epson, a company that is so far little known in the entertainment sector if not for the projectors dedicated to rental, presented LightScene EV-100 here at ISE 2018. This is a particularly innovative “laser oriented” product, with particular attention to size and able to stimulate creativity and new original uses across various applications, from interior and retail, through to entertainment and museums. LightScene EV-100 is a 2,000 lumen WXGA laser projector for accent lighting, ideal for commercial spaces, galleries and interactive museums, able to express the integration between signage and lighting. It is a discreet, functional and original product, available in two colours, black and white.

Debuted at ISE is the MC Series from Yes Tech, a manufacturer of LED displays, already known for the Magic Stage line of tiles available in angular, triangular and round formats. The MC series has been designed for indoor fixed installation and offers the possibility of front-access maintenance. This is thanks to the front panels being magnetic modules that can be removed to gain access to power supplies and components, without having to disassemble the structure. This makes the product especially suited to wall-mounted installations, where there is no possibility to access the back of the LED Wall. The various internal components are all modular and can be replaced individually quickly, effectively reducing maintenance costs. This is a company that pays close attention to the ongoing health of their products, with a clear reduction of electromagnetic radiation produced by their fixtures. The use of a high quality display and various certified cabinets and circuits give piece of mind for a stable and “worry -free” image.

Dicolor exhibited the M-Pro series, a product dedicated to outdoor installations. It is available in 50×50 and 50×100 formats (the latter designed to speed up the assembly of large surfaces), equipped with a specially designed hooking system that allows for a single person to install the modules with greater precision and speed. M-Pro is available in 3.9 indoor, 4.8 and 8.9 outdoor versions. The collaboration between DiColor and the Italian distributor Wave&Co will soon lead to the release of two new outdoor versions – 3.9 and 5.9.


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