ISE Amsterdam 2018 – Day 2

And so continues our tour of the crowded pavilions of ISE 2018, the second day of which provided us with plenty of interesting news to report. We must emphasis that our ability to navigate so efficiently around the show has largely been made possible thanks it’s impeccable organisation, alongside the free to download app, providing precise information and directions on navigating around the RAI Centre of Amsterdam.

ISE 2018 Day 2 LightSoundJournal

After witnessing Riedel’s official launch of the Bolero wireless intercom system during last year’s Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt, we found their stand to be full of the new generation of wireless intercoms. Bolero is a wireless beltpack able to offer new features that allow for use in three different modes: wireless beltpack, wireless keypanel, and two-way radio. Bolero is also equipped with an Advanced DECT Receiver (ADR), NFC (near-field communication) system and has the ability for beltbacks to be managed in through this in a “Touch & Go” mode. Also from Riedel we have MediorNet MultiViewer. This s based on the MediorNet MicroN hardware and can be perfectly integrated into a MediorNet network. The virtual multiviewer app is based on MediorNet MicroN high-density media distribution hardware and designed to work within the MediorNet network. Extending the capabilities of hardware through the use of software apps has been an ongoing theme at Riedel, starting with the company’s app-driven SmartPanel, introduced two years ago.

ISE 2018 Riedel

At QSC we find important news concerning the company’s Q-SYS platform, with a new software release that’s rich in tools that add flexible and scalable management and monitoring functions. Q-SYS Reflect is a complete and intuitive platform for monitoring and management, which allows the management of multiple Q-SYS systems and has an architecture that can evolve based on the needs of professionals. The integrated Q-SYS touch screen management system offers native integration within the platform without the aid of dedicated processors and systems. Other new releases include a new series of touch screen controllers, including TSC-G2 which is dedicated to the Q-SYS platform. This unit combines touch technology with a high resolution and extremely bright LDC display, in addition to the presence of IPS technology, for better off-axis vision and Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity.

ISE 2018 QSC

Visual Productions presented IoCore2, a new device capable of acting as the “bridge” between different communication protocols and ideal for use as a GPIO expansion module for projects and installations. Through the web interface it is possible to label I/O ports, as well as obtain feeds on the time of use and set password protection. Other big news is Kiosc, a software for creating customised touchscreen user interfaces, which allows the user to create “armoured” interfaces for end users, making it impossible for them to modify the layout. With Kiosc, it is possible to have remote control of any third-party AV equipment capable of supporting the OSC and UDP interfaces. Kiosc Editor is the complementary app which allows for easy creation of interfaces with customisable layouts, by inserting the images and logo of a customer.

ISE 2018 Visual Productions

Moving onto audio, Italian company K-Array presented Azimut, an ultra-compact system. Also we saw and the new “line array” microphone, Capture. Azimut is the combination of the well-known 2.2 x 10 x 1.2 cm speaker Lyzard, the 80W Rumble-KU44-2 subwoofer, remote control with volume control and the ultra-compact Kommander-KA02 amplifier. The Capture series consists of the Capture-KMC20V vertical microphone and the Capture-KMC20H horizontal microphone, both measuring in at just 6 X 6 X 226 mm and weighing only 0.032 kg.

ISE 2018 Visual Productions

Yamaha presents the CSD-R7, the new control surface of the equally new Rivage PM7 mixer, equipped with an internal DSP engine that increases its flexibility and portability, whilst maintaining the highest level of operability. CSD-R7 allows the user to work with two different types of audio networks, either together or separately, whilst the TWINLANe connection system allows users to manage up to 400 audio channels.

We can’t fail to also mention the new and elegant series of VXL column systems, consisting of three models, with 8, 16 or 24 x 1.5″ full-range drivers with a total output power equal to 40w, 80w and 120w respectively. We also saw the PGM1 Paging Station, a PoE system that uses the DANTE protocol and offers the possibility of assigning up to 24 buttons to different destinations using the appropriate MTX-MRX editing software, along with the ability to connect up to 4 units together.

ISE 2018 Yamaha Pro Audio

Moving across to lighting, where US company Elation presented the new Smarty Hybrid and Artiste Picasso. The new Smarty Hybrid, equipped with “FLEX” technology, is a hybrid spot, beam and wash fixture equipped with a new CMY compact mixing system, developed by Elation. After obtaining numerous awards, the Artiste series has been enriched with a new moving head able to stimulate the creativity of Lighting Designers, thanks to its theatrical capabilities of combining art and engineering in a single product. The Picasso Artiste is characterised by a high power 600W LED white source, capable of expressing up to 22,000 lumens, as well as a comprehensive list of fixture features (zoom, framing system, CMY, CTO, gobo wheel, animation wheel, prism , frost and more).

ISE 2018 Elation Professional

Also present for the first time was the Italian brand Claypaky, with the well-known K-Eye K20 HCR, K-Eye S10 HCR, Scenius Unico and Axcor Profile 900. There was also news from ADB, who presented a series of products dedicated to the installation market and accent lighting. The LEXPERT EMPHASY is a mini-profile with LED source ideal for applications in environments such as museums, art galleries, shops, exhibition stands, restaurants and more.

ISE 2018 Claypaky

Equipped with a 36W LED source, available in two colour temperatures (3200K or 5600K), the fixture is available with four different beam angles (19, 26, 36 and 50 degrees). ADB also presented a new release of Hator, a software package dedicated to consoles and lighting controllers. Version 2.0 offers a default library with over 20,000 fixtures and some interesting features resulting from the feedback of industry professionals.


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