ISE Amsterdam 2018 – Day 1

NAMM 2018 has only just finished, and already we are back in the “old continent” – in Amsterdam to be precise – to report from ISE 2018. This is an event dedicated to the world of integrated systems, but which has seen a progressive “overflow” into the Entertainment sector over the past few years.

In fact, we have sent our “cousins” over at IntegrationMag over to the RAI Centre, to capitalise on their expertise on the installation and integration markets. They are without a doubt the best people for the job, and with great effort and commitment, are sending live updates to us directly from the show.

On first impressions, this is a fair that is even bigger than ever, now extending over 15 areas and encompassing new areas of the market. Despite the show being incredibly busy with both visitors and exhibitors, the facilities are good and more than capable of accommodating for such a large fair. The incoming queues for the first day already lead us to believe that the 2018 show will be one that leaves a mark.

LightSoundJournal ISE 2018 Day 1 Floor Plan

Let’s now review some news from the pavilions, starting with Adam Hall Group, which is presenting a wide range of installation products, displayed in a huge stand stretching across two levels.

ISE 2018 Adam Hall

Presented for the first time is the CURV 500® D SAT Duplex Satellite, which is characterised by the many variable combination options. This is achieved with “classic” satellites which are arrangeable in different angles and orientations.

The CURV 500® WMBL wall mount is the ideal solution for mounting up to six single satellites or combinations with duplexes. Everything is powered by the CURV 500® i Compact Class D 4-channel power amplifier, capable of operating up to six CURV-500® satellites or an ISUB CURV500® subwoofer on each channel.

ISE 2018 Adam Hall

The DSP 44 K from LD Systems is a four-channel power amplifier with Dante ports. Four x 1,200 watts at 4 and 2 ohms and two x 2,400 watts in 4-ohm mode provide huge power reserves with a frequency response from 10 Hz to 22 kHz, with a dynamic range of 120 dB.

Another novelty is the U500 conference set. Capable of effective communication and high quality speech intelligibility, it is a True Diversity UHF system.

Also present is MAUI® P900, introduced during the last Prolight & Sound and designed in collaboration with the Porsche Design Studio. Inside is a high quality diffusion system, accompanied by a special design constructed with exclusive materials.

As for lighting, among the leading products at the fair we find the new ZENIT® W600 wash, which thanks to the IP65 protection class is an ideal product for outdoor use. The 40 × 15 watt RGBW CREE LEDs provide a luminous flux of 21,000 lumens in monochrome or colour blends, with additional diffusers also available for the fixture. Cameo ZENIT® B60 B is instead another product recommended for use in painting environments and art exhibitions. Inside there is a long-life lithium-ion battery (LG Chem), which allows for maximum creative freedom.

ISE 2018 Adam Hall

DTS has decided to present at ISE for the first time this year, with a range of transferable products, and customisable lighting solutions dedicated to the world of architecture.

Let’s start with the new line of DRIVENET digital power supplies and controllers – right at the centre of things on the DTS stand – which consists of 8 Rack models and 4 DIN models. The series is able to provide centralised and flexible control of networks containing LED projectors, complete with continuous monitoring of their status.

DTS ISE 2018

Main features of the series are the capability of remote management via LAN networks, individually programmable outputs, the ability to select a different voltage for each output, and a colour touch-screen display. There is also ability to update the operating system and constantly monitor the voltage and current readings of the projectors connected to the network.

There are also numerous lighting solutions offered by DTS, with the presence of the full range of RGBW and white LED projectors, with protection rating from IP20 through to IP68.

DIVE is a series composed of 4 LED projectors with IP68 protection, with high brightness and high quality RGBW colour mixing, designed for installation in swimming pools, fountains and other water-based environments. The Dive series is equipped with steel and bronze housing and accessories, such as the adjustable bracket or round flanges for recessed installation, are also available.

DTS ISE 2018

VICE R is a line of small and powerful LED recessed ceiling spotlights, suitable for indoor applications such as offices, shopping centres and hotels. The lights are aimed for any environment where both extreme compactness and quality light projection are required. The VICE R line is available in a white LED version (3000K or 4000K) or with an RGBW LED with different projection corners.

DTS ISE 2018

Meyer Sound chose ISE 2018 for the European debut of their Ashby speaker range, equipped with IntelligentDC technology. The specially designed double-driver, in a concentric configuration, allows for the re-production of an accurate and faithful sound across the whole frequency range. This makes this series of products ideal for both speech and music reproduction, with the appropriate emphasis on high frequencies and deep bass.

ISE 2018 Meyer Sound

The series includes the Ashby-5C model equipped with a 5″driver for medium-low and Ashby-8C with an 8″ driver, as well as a 0.75″ tweeter in both the products. The fixture is enclosed in casing equipped with Phoenix connections, which simplifies and accelerates setup times. The innovative concentric dual-driver system allows for a sound dispersion equal to 100°, thus allowing a wide coverage using a limited number of speakers.

Finally, the IntelligentDC technology allows the Ashby series to connect to MPS-488HP modules, which can provide both a balanced audio signal and a 48V DC power supply for the amplifiers. This system allows for the signal to be carried up to 127 meters with 18 AWG cabling, with an signal loss of less than 1 dB. It is also possible to remotely monitor individual speakers using the optional RMS module, RMServer and Compass software.

ISE 2018 Meyer Sound

Inside the stand there is also the entire LEO® family, including the compact LINA system displayed in different configurations. We also find the UltraSeries ™ of point-source speakers, the CAL ™ series of column arrays and a Galileo® GALAXY ™ networking system. There is also the new Bluehorn™ series of loudspeakers, which are able to maintain absolute accuracy when dealing with the phase of signals over an entire bandwidth of sound.

Meyer Sound will participate in the InAVation Awards with the LINA compact line array for the Technology for Entertainment/Live Events category. In addition, five projects involving Meyer Sound products were nominated for the Live Event, Education Facility and Leisure and Entertainment Facility categories.

ISE 2018 Meyer Sound

DirectOut, a well-known German company specialising in networking and bridging solutions dedicated to broadcast, studio, live and audio installations, has chosen Amsterdam to unveil its collaboration with GlobCon. GlobCon is a software-house that designs and creates specialised software dedicated to the global control of devices of different manufacturers within the live and installation markets.

Live and Integrated Systems for DirectOut commissioned GlobCon to include all the products in its portfolio on the platform. Inside the booth we witnessed a complete demo of the software that will be released for free in the coming months.

ISE 2018 DirectOut

As for products, DirectOut continues the development of new technologies aimed at Audio over IP and Audio over Network, and are displaying some of their recently launched devices that are already available for purchase. These include products such as EXBOX.MD (Dante to Madi converter), SG.MADI (SoundGrid to Madi converter) and MONTONE.42 (converter from Ravenna/AES67 to Madi).

For Montone.42, a new firmware update has been presented that allows management, to MPTE ST 2022-7 standard (stream redundancy), of the Seamless Protection Switching system between two RTP audio streams. In addition, the two network interfaces – now configurable independently – offer the possibility of operating audio streaming and device control over separate networks.

ISE 2018 DirectOut

Another important (and impressive) presence at ISE is Panasonic, with a booth divided into several areas containing applications resulting from collaboration with other technologies. This is a company that clearly wants to demonstrate new ways of entertaining in expanding industries such as hospitality and retail. One main attraction here is a feature created in collaboration with BlackTrax and D3, which presents a combination of movements linked together, in order to showcase the possibilities offered by this type of entertainment integration.

ISE 2018 Panasonic

As for the products, the many innovations presented in Amsterdam have been developed with the clear premise of providing continuity with previous versions, in terms of compatibility. There is a focus on increased performance, whilst reducing or maintaining the overall dimensions and weight of the products.

An example of this can be seen in the new PT-RQ22K, a 4k laser projector capable of expressing a brightness equal to 21,000 lumens and equipped with a 20,000: 1 zoom and the new RZ120 with 1 DLP chip source. With a WUXGA resolution of 1920 × 1200 and a power of 12,000 lumens, the fixture is equipped with solid shine technology and low noise system.

ISE 2018 Panasonic

Also containing the ultra-compact 1 DLP Chip are two new models, the MZ770 / L and MZ730 / L, with WUXGA and WXGA resolutions respectively. These models are ideal for museums, retail and any application where a small footprint yet high quality performance is required. Finally, switching to the portable series, we see the VW360 and VX430 models, from 4,000 to 4,500 lumens with WXGA and XGA resolutions.


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