NAMM 2018 – Yamaha

Yamaha are presenting two important updates to their DXS sub series here at NAMM 2018: DXS15mkII and DXS12mkII. This is a substantial upgrade of the DXS15 and DXS12 models, with a higher SPL and a wider response on low frequencies. The new DXS15mkII and DXS12mkII inherit technologies from the DXS18 sub, and are therefore ideal for live applications, clubs and events.

NAMM 2018 Yamaha DXS DXS15mkII DXS12mkII

Both models are equipped with a 1020W Class D amplifier and 15 “or 12” woofers housed in a robust and functional case. The new configuration allows 3dB more in terms of SPL and a further 5Hz of excursion on the low frequencies, compared to the previous models. DXS15mkII has a maximum SPL of 135 and an LF frequency of down to 40Hz, while the DXS12mkII is capable of delivering 134 dB SPL and 42Hz, maintaining a good sound clarity at minimal distortion. Inside the D-XSUB proprietary DSP technology allows a series of additional features, such as the selection of the mode between BOOST and XTENDED LF, as well as the possibility to choose to work at 80/100/120Hz depending on the type of application. DXS15mkII and DXS12mkII weigh 2kg and 3kg less than their predecessors, respectively.


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