NAMM 2018 – Shure

At the Shure stand we took the opportunity to take a look at their new HA-8091 Domed Helical Antenna, capable of offering quality RF performance, without interruptions, to IEMs and wireless microphones. HA-8091 is part of a new generation of antennas capable of handling greater bandwidth and greater autonomy, with high reliability and flexibility.

NAMM 2018 Shure HA-8091 Domed Helical Antenna

Unlike traditional systems that transmit and receive signals in a single polarization, the circular movement of the RF field emitted by a helical antenna distributes the signal through all possible polarization, greatly reducing the risk of interruption. The high gain also ensures a more powerful signal. HA-8091 works in a frequency range of 460 to 900 MHz with an impedance of 50 Ω and a width of 72 °.


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