NAMM 2018 – Sennheiser

At the Sennheiser stand, we found a new edition of the legendary Neumann U67 microphone, an iconic symbol of 60s engineering, known for its inimitable sound and extraordinary versatility. Neumann’s recreation of U67 follows the same constructive specifications of the original microphone.

NAMM 2018 Sennheiser Neumann U67

Thanks to the ability to set the microphone to an omni-directional, cardioid or figure-8 polar pattern, as well as the presence of the low-cut and pad switches, U67 is ideal for almost any recording activity. The product of the three different setting options makes this microphone extremely versatile for any type of voice or musical instrument recording, including that of guitars, woodwind, brass, piano, drums and double bass. The new U67 is completed by vintage handmade case (constructed in Germany), the elastic suspension cradle, microphone cable and power supply. All of these have been redesigned to meet today’s safety requirements, yet are still fully compatible with the original U 67.

NAMM 2018 Sennheiser Neumann U67 Evolution Wireless G4

Another new feature is an updated Evolution Wireless G4 series, with increased RF power, a wider transmission range and longer battery life. It is also faster to configure and is fully integrable and compatible with existing Sennheiser products such as the LSP 500 speaker. The new G4 lineup includes the 100, 300, 500 and IEM series, naturally compatible with the G1, G2 and wireless systems G3.


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