Anderson Audio expands EAW Adaptive inventory

Pennsylvania-based Anderson Audio recently added 24 Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Anya modules to their Adaptive inventory, which comprises 28 Anna and 40 Otto subwoofers.

“When we invested in Adaptive almost two years ago, it gave us the opportunity to build on our existing client base and expand the business,” explains owner Chris Anderson. “It has worked extremely well. So much so that we decided to add the larger Anya system to further our growth.”

EAW Adaptive technology is designed for a wide range of applications that require exceptional sound quality, high output and precise coverage. Both the Anya and Anna modules can adapt coverage to any venue geometry in seconds. Because the arrays are made up of columns that hang straight, and are oftentimes more than one, they provide the ideal footprint for applications that require pristine coverage and clean sightlines.

Anderson originally invested in 24 Anna and eight of its companion Otto subwoofer modules. Shortly thereafter he expanded with four more Anna and another 32 Otto subwoofers. After trying out Anya with Anna for a few events, including Scott Hamilton’s Scott Caresfundraiser in Cleveland, he decided that making Anya a permanent fixture in his inventory would be a sound business move.

“For this year’s Scott Cares event we flew left-right hangs, each consisting of a column of eight Anya for the main PA and six Anna for out-fill. Low end was provided by two columns of six Otto subwoofers flown next to each Anya/Anna array,” Anderson adds. “We set-up the system the way the Resolution software recommended and then mapped the room – it was quite good. It was nice to have the room covered with such a simple solution.”

With Resolution 2 software, Adaptive modules can assess 3D coverage of a space, determine processing and configuration for coverage, and then implement this in processing. If coverage requirements change, Resolution 2 can quickly reconfigure and still blanket the area with extremely high fidelity, output and coverage control.

Anderson Audio has been a long-time EAW customer. In addition to the Adaptive rig, they offer a full complement of KF730, KF740 and NTL720 line arrays; SB1000, SB2001 and NTL250 subwoofers as well as JF and Redline point source loudspeaker solutions.

“Being able to provide customers with a simple solution for challenging events or venues is something that most other companies can’t offer,” Anderson concludes. “This investment will continue to allow us to expand our business, build our client base and provide the customer service our clients expect.”


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