K-array promotes trio in commercial department

K-array has announced that effective 1 January 2018, Stefano Zaccaria has moved to the position of VP of sales and marketing, to work closely with president and co-founder, Alessandro Tatini.

Zaccaria arrived at the company in October 2016 as a temporary manager, but since January 2017 he has been a full-time insider, tasked with reaching long-term goals as strategic sales and business development manager. He has significant experience, consolidated into a long career path, working with small- to medium-sized companies particularly specialisng in luxury design brands and high-end product markets.

K-array also reports the promotion of Daniel Strasserra to sales engineer in the sales department at the company’s headquarters. Strasserra joined the company eight years ago and has progressively advanced through positions in both the service and sales departments’

Also confirmed is Daniele Mochi’s new position as project manager. During his four years at K-array, Mochi has assisted with the system design for applications such as Teatro di Habana in Cuba, Vodafone Arena in Turkey and White Nightclub in Dubai. He has also been responsible for hosting product workshops, seminars and presentations which, along with his background as a physicist, provides him with the passion and knowledge to now run the newly-launched K-academy.

“Stefano, Daniel, and Daniele have been important fixtures in the K-family for a while now and I look forward to seeing what their new roles will bring to the company,” concludes Tatini.

Info: www.k-array.com

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