Spotlight Introduces New LED Spotlight Functionalities

Spotlight has completely renovated and standardised the architecture of their GreenLine projectors, ranging from 50W to 450W. These now include a new display designed for more intuitive use and new and interesting features required by the market.

Spotlight LED Fixture Upgrades New Display

The new display has three different options: DMX Settings, Options and Info.

In the DMX settings page, the user can set the address of the fixture, or choose between three different DMX Modes (1,2 or 3 channels).

In Options, we find the possibility of setting the LED Delay parameter (delay between the signal reception and the execution of the command), select the Dimmer curve (Linear or Square), the output frequency, the LED Boost (which allows the fixture to boost luminous flux by 20%), the fan speed (Automatic, Silent, Standard) and finally the possibility to adjust the display when the fixture is mounted.

Finally, the Info menu allows you to see the real time temperature and the use time of the fixture. Another novelty is the management of light intensity directly from the potentiometer next to the display, which has priority over the incoming DMX signal.

All of these new features can be seen up close in Spotlight’s Milan showroom.


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