Ashland Baptist Church converts to Danley

A Danley audio system has been specified for the First Baptist Church in Ashland, Virginia.

Audio/video integration firm RTW Media designed and installed a Danley Sound Labs system that satisfied the sonic and visual objectives by minimizing the number of speakers that were required to provide precise, intelligible coverage.

Walsh Hinnant, account manager at RTW Media, says: “First Baptist of Ashland is revitalising its sound and image to appeal not just to older, established church members, but also to the younger and more diverse generation. The church leaders are working with Arrabon to broaden First Baptist’s appeal and to diversify its congregation, and David Bailey, Arrabon president recommended that they speak with us about a new sound reinforcement system.”

Hinnant continues: “Their old system had ten loudspeakers just for the mains. It didn’t look good and it sounded worse than it looked. Danley became the obvious choice as their loudspeakers are incredibly efficient, allowing us to get the job done with significantly fewer boxes. Moreover, Danley is a Christian company, like RTW Media, and we both know that churches spend years and sometimes decades saving money so they can reinvest in technology for their worship experience”

The new Danley system uses two Danley SH-69s on each side of the stage (four total) in a true stereo configuration. A pair of Danley TH-212 subwoofers round out the bottom end, and four Danley SH-Micros provide under-balcony fill. The new system has a much smaller visual footprint but vastly greater output and fidelity.

Three 4-channel Danley DNA 10k4 Pro amplifiers with onboard DSP power the mains: two for the SH-69s and one for the TH-212 subwoofers. A single 4-channel Danley DNA 5k4c powers the SH-Micros. Hinnant concludes: “Our field guys love the new Danley DNA amplifiers because they have pre-sets for every single Danley box.”


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