grandMA2 and Ian Livie Lighting: a Free Spirit

Rental company Ian Livie Concert & Corporate Lighting helped set up Paul Rodgers’ Free Spirit Tour with a minimalist rig of moving light and Leko fixtures and video content on Resolume controlled from a grandMA2 console.

Ian Livie and LD Jared Trinnaman are committed MA Lighting control aficionados. Livie says: “I had worked with Warren Cracknell for many years on Joe Bonamassa, the US blues guitarist so when he discussed the option of working with Paul Rodgers on the Free Spirit Tour I knew I had to invest in a console I was confident would stand the test of touring time both now and into the future. The LD, Jared Trinnaman felt the same way; I saw the show at the Royal Albert Hall and was so impressed with what he did with the console.”

Trinnaman himself had already invested in MA control. He says: “I’ve been an MA user since 2012. It was suggested to me by designer Paul Guthrie and I’ve never looked back. I personally own a grandMA2 OnPC Command Wing and, if I’m not using it, it’s out on rental. It has been a fabulous purchase from that perspective.

“The best feature of the MA2 is, in my opinion, the flexibility for the programmer,” continues Trinnaman. “From the graphic user interface, to layout views, and macros… as the LD I can set up the console for exactly what I need for that particular show. I may need to see a different set of views than the last show I did and the software allows me, as the user, to set up my views any way I want.

“We triggered the video content on Resolume using the MA2, via Artnet. It worked great; I love the combo of Resolume and MA2.
“For our Free Spirit shows, we had four separate kabuki drops during the show. I was able to build macros and layout views that would pop up at automatically at the proper moments.”

This was Trinnaman’s first visit to the UK and he is full of praise for not only the equipment but the service provided by Ian Livie Lighting. “Ian and his staff were amazing. This was my first time working with Ian and I sincerely hope to work with him again very soon. The crew, Luke, Alan and Lewis were absolutely on point every day. They made it a wonderful first tour in the UK for me.”


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